Friday, 16 September 2016

Descriptive Writing

We watched this clip of the animals that live in the rain forests in Rio, and we wrote these 
"What am I?" descriptions.  We were trying to use adjectives to "show not tell."  
See if you can work out what animal they are.  
[Answers are at the bottom of this post.]

[1]  What animal am I?
I have really long arms.
I am competitive.
I am orange and brown.
I can swing so high, like a ape.
I have long fur.
I steal stuff.
I have ears on the side on my head.
By Angus

[2]  What am I?
On the top of my head I have sharp pointy ears.
My nose is as long as a banana.
I have long whiskers as hairy as a carpet.
The rest of my head is light brown.
I have a short neck shorter than a human's neck.
My body is  as short as a block of wood.
I have sharp claws as sharp as a shark's tooth.
I can jump long distances like as long as a door.
I can leap high like as high as the ceiling.
I have four legs.
By Cody

[3]  What am I?
I have got an unusual face.
I have got a jungle as my home.
I have got yellow eyes.
I have 4 legs.
I can not be raised in homes.
I am orange.
I would be useful for a race.
I have tail like a snake.
By Lily

[4]  What am I?
I have black fur from head to toe.
I have greeny, yellow eyes.
I have black ears.
My nose is like a cat’s one too.
I have long white whiskers.
I have a weird mouth.
I have sharp teeth.
My tummy is long.
My legs are skinny.
My tail is like a cat’s tail.
By Teagen

[5]  What am I?
I am really slow.
I have two eyes.
I do swinging.
I like to hang upside down.
I have floppy arms.
I have a grey and brown, furry body.
By Henrietta

[1] I am a monkey.
[2]  I am a fox.
[3]  I am a cheetah.
[4]  I am a panther.
[5]  I am a sloth.

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