Thursday, 28 May 2015

LC11&12 Author's Chair

In Learning Community 11 & 12 we love writing!
And what do we love more than writing....we love sharing our writing!
We love sharing our google documents with our teachers and Mr M but we also love sharing our writing with each other on our Author's Chair.
At the end of our writing session we have Author's Chair where a few children each day get to share our writing with the whole group.
Here are a few photos of us...

Gymnastics with Lawrence


I do gymnastics on Thursday at school with Lawrence.
I run with Lawrence and do straddle shapes.
I also do elephant rolls on the floor.
I was exhausted when I did gymnastics.
Lawrence taught me how to do a elephant roll. I like the elephant roll because everyone looked silly and funny.
By Ethan

On Thursday we had gymnastics with Lawrence on the field. We had to do the pencil roll, the tuck roll, the hedgehog roll and the elephant roll. The shapes we had to do were the tuck and stretch. Then we had to play space invaders. You had to walk around and when the teachers said tuck then rm12 and rm11 had to do that roll or that shape. And then we did those rolls that we had to do. After that we had to do those stretches. Lawrence works for Sport Canterbury.
By Josh

Every second week Lawrence comes to teach us gymnastics - like pencil rolls, tuck rolls, elephant rolls and hedgehog rolls.The shapes we learnt were tuck, stretch, straddle and a pike. Having Lawrence teach us is awesome. I hope that we learn to do the splits, cartwheel, handstands, more shapes and more rolls. We all like having LB teaching us gymnastics. I try to practice at home and at school it is fun doing gymnastics. We played space invaders which also was a lot of fun. I love doing gymnastics because it’s cool to be outside.
By Julia

On Thursday we did some gymnastics with Mrs Currie. First we did a stretch to warm up. Then we did tuck rolls on the mat in the hall. At last, I did a stretch shape I thought It was fun. It was awesome. I want to go back to gymnastics again.
By Katie

Friday, 22 May 2015

Sam Smiler's

We now have 8 blue Sam Smiler's after this weeks Celebration assembly.
Congratulations to Mason, Nici, Sandra, Mediana, Paige and Layla-Rose.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Grandparents Day

Thank you soooooo much to all the lovely grandparents who came to our Grandparents Day today.  We loved having you visit.
We loved you coming to our assembly.
We loved showing you our learning spaces and our work.
We loved you staying for lunch.
We loved how you took such an interest in all the children not just your own grandchildren.
You guys are awesome!!