Friday, 25 September 2015

Must Do Madness Reward Trip

Everyday Hero Ukulele song

This term Mrs Dinnington has worked with each class during our Arts interchange.  The children have had lots of fun learning about beat and playing music.  
They have also learnt this little ukulele song that they performed at our Celebration of Learning yesterday.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Puppet Pals - Digital Story Telling

As part of our "Learn Create Share" we have all worked with Mrs Jones for 2 afternoons to do some digital story telling using Puppet Pals on the iPads.
First we had some "sandpit time" where we worked out how to use Puppet Pals after watching a YouTube tutorial.
This was the LEARN part of our activity.
Then we worked with a buddy to create a "story board" of what our Puppet Pals movie was going to show.  We drew pictures of each scene and wrote down what the talking would say.  Our stories all had to have a HERO theme.
Some of our Story Boards.
Then we found a quiet place to create our movies.  We saved them to our Google Drive and shared them with Mrs Jones.
This was the CREATE part of our activity.
Mrs Jones then was able to put them on our learning community blog.  She also shared them with the next class, as an example of what they were going to create.  And now you are viewing them!
This is the SHARE part of our activity.

Pen Pal Letters

Room 11 & 12 were super excited when an envelope of letters arrived this week from Halsey Drive School, in Auckland. 
Here are some photos of us reading them. We can't wait to write replies.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Chalk Heroes

For "Must Do Madness" one of the activities was to draw outside with chalk.  We drew some awesome heroes.  Here is a short video of our pictures.