Friday, 25 December 2015

Mog's Christmas Calamity

We watched the Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas Advert 2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity on YouTube.

Then we retold the story.
Here are a few.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

One Christmas eve there was a cat and his name was Mog.
He had a light stuck on his tail, he moved and that made the books move and the books made the ball fall and turn the oven on. In the morning Mog saw some smoke and he opened the oven and he got smoke in his eyes. Then he tripped on the bowl and pressed 999. Then the whole kitchen was gray with smoke.
Then he ran out the door with the lights still  stuck on him. The fire fighters tracked the home where Mog called from. Then the neighbours came and did a house- makeover and they all had a great Christmas including Mog. By Talia
The night before Christmas a cat called Mog got his tail caught in some light’s, some books fell over. The books hit a ball, the ball rolled and turned the oven on. But Mog was asleep. He heard the ball hit the rail. Mog noticed smoke coming from the oven. He opened the oven a little bit and smoke went on his face. Some pots fell over and Mog dialed 99 and then a spoon fell and hit 9 again. Mog got the light’s caught to his tail and he slipped out the cat door. The firemen arrived, the turkey was on fire and the house was burnt. But the neighbours helped make the house Christmasy again and they had a happy Christmas.
By Nathan
Once upon a time on Christmas Eve there was a family dreaming. The two siblings were dreaming about what they were getting for christmas and the dad was dreaming of using his new bat for cricket. Mum was dreaming of romance and there's Mog. He was not dreaming a good dream he was dreaming a nightmare. There was a Christmas ornament stuck on Mog’s tail. Mog’s tail wiggled and the ornament moved and it knocked down books over and it knocked the ball. The ball rolled on the oven handle and it turned the oven on. After the ball turned the oven on the ball rolled on to the ground and rolled beside Mog’s paw. The ball woke Mog up. When Mog woke up he noticed smoke in the oven. Mog jumped on the counter and put his paw on the oven handle and it opened. Then smoke came out of the oven and went onto Mog’s face. Then Mog stepped on the stove and he knocked the phone over and dialled 9.9.9. Then chestnuts started popping and it made a mess. Mog jumped up on a mattress and bounced onto the grandfather clock and Mog fell onto a soft present. Then the oven opened and all the smoke came out. Mog ran and ran. Mog even got caught by a Christmas ornament. Mog ran outside by going through a hole. When Mog was outside still running the ornament tugged him and did a roly poly in the snow. the firefighters found Mog. One firefighter found a turkey and sprayed it. The whole family was sad. Then the neighbours helped. They cleaned everything. They had a happy Christmas. They even bought a new Christmas tree.   
By Kristie

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