Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Present

Room 12 watched this clip as part of our Power Time.

By Hannah
One day a boy was playing on his play station. Suddenly his Mum came into the house with a large brown box. His mum said it was his. The boy wonder what was inside of the large brown box? It was a golden puppy.  He said “aww” in a happy way. Suddenly he noticed that the golden puppy had a leg missing. So he threw it on the ground. The boy hated the golden puppy. But the golden puppy was still happy.  I don’t know why the golden puppy was happy, it was weird.  At the end they got along, the boy forgave the golden puppy because he had one leg missing too. They both had something in common and they played fetch.

By Zanyu
At the happy end he stopped playing the game and he picked the ball and he looked at himself.  The boy had a missing leg and the little puppy had a missing leg. They went outside with a red little ball and the boy threw the ball and the puppy was happy and he got the ball.They all had a missing leg and dog taught him how to be friends and they played fetch.

By Levi
I was furious when the young boy opened the box. How could he throw the little cute precious puppy to the hard ground like that ? I was frustrated when the dog got up and the little boy kicked the dog on it’s back. Then the dog found a small red ball under the big cupboard and he went to grab the small red ball. He hit his head on the strong cupboard then he went under the cupboard and got the small red ball. When the puppy got the ball he rolled the ball to the boy. The puppy rolled it fast because he wanted to play.
At the end of the video the boy recognised that he was worrying about the BBQ sauce on the dog instead of the BBQ sauce on his shirt.

By Teagen
If you were the puppy how would you feel if someone threw you to the ground? The puppy felt happy but Iḿ not sure why. He found a ball and he ran to it, bumping into the wardrobe. He grabbed the ball and gave it to the boy.  The boy kicked it and the puppy played. At the end they got along because he remembered that he had one leg missing so they went outside to play with the ball. Before all of that his mum came in with a box in her hand and she put it in front of him, so he moved it away. Then he opened it up and saw a dog with one leg missing.

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