Saturday, 22 August 2015

Miss Smith's Rabbit Twix

We have been learning how to write Descriptions.  Miss Smith brought her rabbit Twix to school for a visit, and we wrote a Description of it.
Here are a few:

I’m going to introduce you to Miss Smith’s rabbit Twix.
Twix is brown and white.
Twix has sharp teeth and a white tummy.
She has black eyes and a pom-pom tail.
Twix eats apples and carrots.
Twix sometimes escapes the house to visit the neighbours and sometimes nibbles on wood.Twix also has a toy ball and likes to chew power cords. I felt excited because Twix is the first rabbit I’ve seen in real life.
By Samuel M

On Tuesday  Mrs Smith brought her rabbit Twix to school. Twix’s ears stick up in the air.  She likes nibbling wood.  Twix exercises once per day.  She is a girl. She has a pom-pom tail. Twix is a dwarf. Twix likes cuddles and she is cuddly like a blanket.  She likes chewing powercords. Twix is adventurous. She is scared of heaps of children.  Twix likes visiting the neighbours. Twix is an adult. I like Twix because she is cuddly.
By Evan

Today I am going to describe Mrs Smith rabbit.
The rabbit’s name is Twix. Twix is a girl. Twix’s nose moves really fast when she is scared. When we got to feel Twix I thought she was really fluffy.She had a pom,pom tail. Twix has extremely big feet. She is brown on top and white underneath. She is a female. Twix likes to go and visit the neighbours. She is from the pet shop. Twix likes to eat apples and she also likes carrots. She has long brown ears and she also has sticking up ears. Twix has white around her eyes. She is really cute and soft. Twix gets really scared when she is around lot’s of people. She has black eyes and sharp teeth. She has toys to play with. Twix lives outside in a hutch. Mrs Smith has too clean out the hutch every day. She has a little cute pink nos. Twix needs exercise every day. She is 3 years old. She has a 2 storey hutch. Twix is a Dwarf. She smelt really nice on that day. You can see Twix’s 2 big teeth at the front. She has a white tummy. Twix chews power cords so that is why you have to watch Twix in the house. She likes playing with her ball and wood. She has  long whiskers. Twix likes cuddles. When she comes out of the house she has to go in a cat cage. I liked Twix because it is cute and cuddly.
By Brianna

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  1. Koia kei a koe - You are awesome! Your descriptions painted a picture in my head of what Miss Smith's rabbit looked like. I like the pom-pom tail as I could not see the tail in the photos. Does Miss Smith take Twix for a walk on a lead?


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